Overly chatty pagan vampire, hoping to find religious tolerance among monsters.


A newcomer to Franklinton, Gwinnith came hoping to make a home for herself in the growing city. An unknown to the city, she took a chance that the people of the progressive Franklinton would be welcoming to someone who might offer a different perspective on the vampiric condition.


A believer in the “old ways”, Gwinnith saw the order and cycles of the seasons as a child of two Irish immigrant farmers. She revered nature and the gods and superstitions of her parents.

Reluctant to talk much about them when around other children her age, she kept much of her family tradition to herself until her father came down with the consumption. Her mother’s traditional medicine was enough to help him a while, but not enough to cure him. She ran to a nearby town to find an Irish midwife to come back and help heal him.

When they returned several days later, her father had passed. She promised she’d learn all she could about the herbalism and healing of her ancestors and began her education away from home, writing to her mother regularly.


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