Elizabeth Smith

In her Late 40's or early 50's, grey hair, matronly look.


The wrinkles around her eyes and lips might have you thinking that she smiled a lot when she was alive. Her clothes are all rather well worn and at least 10 years out of fashion, but she does try to keep them in good repair. Quite often they end up muddied though.

As such, she’s started to attempt to wear men’s pants more often, and though she looks slightly uncomfortable in the odd fashion for a woman, she is growing accustomed. Her salt and pepper hair is almost always pulled back into a loose bun appropriate for her age and financial status. Her rough hands also give an idea as to class and upbringing.


Elizabeth grew up on a farm outside of Cincinnati and married young – she was 16, her husband 18, and they were in love. So in love that within two years she had two children with him, both girls.

In 1776, her husband went to war and never came back, leaving Elizabeth with two infant girls and no income or way to take care of them.

Her parents found her a man who was moving up north to Delaware to start a new farm there, who was willing to take on a war widow with babies as a wife in return for her keeping his household and giving him more babies to help out on the land. She had one more child with her second husband, a boy named David.

Many years passed.

Now in 1813, she has appeared in Dublin at the ‘coming out’ party for the area’s new vampires. At the side of the old silent man, William, she talks often about the recent loss of her son and second husband.

Elizabeth Smith

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